Welcome to the Ethical Channel

OHL Group Code of Ethics is an explicit statement of values, principles and standards of conduct that guides the performance of all employees of the Group in the development of the business.

The Ethic Channel is a tool that OHL Group put at the disposal of its employees and relevant stakeholders so they can:

  • Communicate irregularities, breaches or any conduct contrary to the principles set out on OHL Group Code of Ethics or any other applicable policy or procedure.
  • Raise queries/questions about the interpretation of the Code of Ethics.

All communications submitted through the Ethical Channel must be made on a good faith basis. Please note that false or malicious complaints may trigger civil or criminal actions in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations as well as the imposition of any applicable sanctions.

OHL Group Auditing, Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility Commission is the department responsible for examining, assessing and monitoring ongoing adherence to the OHL Group Code of Ethics. As part of its oversight of the Ethical Channel, the department is responsible for guaranteeing that any person filing a complaint does not suffer any retaliation. In addition, the department will perform a rigorous analysis of all communications to verify they have a good faith basis and ensure that all communications are treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.